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The World Health Organization celebrates this September 29 the World Heart Day, and from ITalento we will celebrate this day as well, giving information about Cardiac Coherence.

During the past years, scientific findings on neurocardiology have discovered that the heart has got its own and independent well developed nervous system, with more of 40.000 neurons and a very complex web of neurotransmitters, proteins and supportive cells. Today, we know the heart sends much more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart. This communication is: neurologic, using nerve impulses, biochemical, using hormones and neurotransmitters, and biophysical, using pulse wave. That is for say that the heart is closely connected with the areas of the brain controlling regulation of emotions and organism’s physiology.

It is for this connection between heath and brain that a change of activity in any of both organs can have a deep impact on each other functioning.

It is not a surprise that the emotions we feel are directly reflected in our heart rate. For example, when we are scared, stressed or we feel anger, our heartbeats are irregular and chaotic. And it is because the connection between heart and brain are reciprocal that this disorganization in the rhythm of our heartbeat produced by negative emotions affect our brain and the whole body, making it difficult to function properly.

On reverse, positive emotions make our heartbeat regular and harmonic, reducing stress and relaxing the whole body. This state of harmony related to the heartbeat is called Cardiac Coherence. During this state, the nervous-, cardiovascular-, endocrine- and immune systems from our organism work more efficiently and optimal. Coherence is efficiency and health’s base.

How can we enter this Cardiac Coherence State?

It is very interesting, since we can learn to enter this state of Cardiac Coherence voluntarily controlling our own heartbeat rhythm. To the naked eye, it can seem impossible to control knowingly our heartbeat.

Using technics and biofeedback technology can allow us to monitor our cardiac rhythm and train ourselves on Cardiac Coherence. This technology records our heartbeats and gives us simple information showing graphics in computer screens. Using this, we can be aware of the functioning of our own heart and begin controlling it training our breathing and imagination. We will notice changes on our heartbeats on the very moment these take place and we will know when we are reaching this Cardiac Coherence state, making it easier to learn this ability. Eventually, we will be able to enter this state when we need it –difficult times, high stress moments, when needed a highest level performance- quickly and easily.

Learn to enter in this Cardiac Coherence will help us to control and manage stress and negative emotions such as depression, anger and anxiety, and allowing our brain to function better and having positive effects for our health. This technic goes way beyond: sports, business and senior management can as well take advantage of this technic thanks to the self-control and improvement of the cognitive functioning, increased attention, decreased mistakes, and improvement of memory, mental clarity and creativity.

ITalento trains you on this new and effective technic so you can benefit from all the positive effects it gives you. Many business and people are already taking advantage of this technic.

Benefits of training Cardiac Coherence:

  • Achieve more self-control and decision-making.
  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy.
  • Sense of relief, peace and comfort.
  • Better management and decrease of stress and anxiety.
  • Serene thinking.
  • Improve immunologic system functioning.
  • Improved health.
  • Increase control over other peoples’ and your own stressful situations.
  • Decrease of blood pressure.

If you want to grow professionally, live- and grow old better on our busy working day, contact us!.

Pedro Pavón